Photography Competition

The Competition

In this competition, we are looking for your best animal photos!

Please rate photos that have been added to the gallery already. Users will be able to rate the photos immediately after entering

Rating Photos

In this competition, we ask users to rate each photo out of 5 stars. The rating system is as follows:

1- Poor: An OK effort for someone who is starting out but not an image you would shout about.

2- OK: Has some elements that make this a good photo but nothing special.

3- Good: Shows skill and could make money from their work.

4- Pro: Of a definite professional standard that you’d be happy to pay for.

5- World-class: An image that belongs on the cover of a magazine or international ad campaign.

General Rules

  • You must own any image you upload as part of this competition.
  • You must have taken the photograph yourself.
  • You may enter a maximum of 3 photos into this competition.
  • Whilst you retain rights to your images, we may use them on social media posts/ website post/ videos. We always credit the photographer when we do this.

Please be aware your photos will be jusdged on social media, in participating you accept this condition.