I See You

May’s photo of the month, as voted for by Shutter Nutters users was this stunning photo by Ruta Prendiukaite entitled “I See You”. Ruta is 34 years old; originally from Lithuania, she has spent most of the last 14 years in Ireland.

Not only is the winning shot a great photo, but it’s telling of Ruta’s passion. She says “I love the beauty in even the smallest of living creatures. I’ve always loved macro photography because I get great pleasure in capturing this often unseen beauty for others to appreciate.  I also love underwater and conservation photography.”

She first fell in love with photography as a youngster when her and her brother used to develop photos from film in their bathroom. Ruta was captivated by the “magical” experience of watching a photograph develop before her eyes.

Her photography journey continued whilst Ruta was living in Dublin where she studied photography, but it wasn’t until later on that she would combine her love of picture making with her other passions: travel and nature. Dedicating her earnings to seeing as much of the world as possible; to date, Ruta has been to 30 countries!

She particularly loves to visit countries that are rich in nature and biodiversity.  From Central America to Africa to the Caribbean, Ruta is always on the lookout for opportunities to capture amazing photos.

With no shortage of ambition, Ruta one day hopes to have her own exhibition in which she can display her work from all the amazing places she’s been. And we certainly wish her the best of luck! 

Next year, she plans to travel to Madagascar in order to take more great photos! Which personally, I can’t wait to see. You can keep up to date with Ruta on her Instagram page: @_____ruthie

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