Judge Confirmed for “My Town” Competition

The judge for the “My Town” photography competition has been announced as Hull-based photographer and experienced judge, Nigel Dalton!

Nigel began his journey to becoming a photography guru waaaaaaaay back in the 1970’s. He had a darkroom where he developed his own black and white and colour film. Nigel obtained an O Level in photography after taking night classes.

Nigel Dalton LRPS

Fast forward a few years and we find ourselves in the digital era. The film has been swapped for a sensor and the darkroom has been swapped for Lightroom. After Nigel retired he went to college to do BTEC levels 2 & 3 in photography and also became Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society.

Now he is retired, Nigel dedicates much of his time to his passion of photography. Though Nigel enjoys many different genres, he has a particular appetite for travel and [land/city/sky]-scapes.

You can see examples of Nigel Dalton’s work on his website: www.nigeldaltonphotography.com

Nigel is an approved judge with the Yorkshire Photographic Union and in October will be bringing his judging talents to Shutter Nutters. The authors of our top 10 rated images in the “My Town” competition will benefit from Nigel’s expertise and he will deliver his verdict on each of the images with his rating out of 5 stars.

Due to social distancing guidelines, Nigel will be sending us his critiques by video through the wonders of the internet and we’ll be sharing it on our website and social media channels.

Nigel is currently the Chairman of f4 Photographic Group in East Yorkshire. We are delighted that he’s taking the time to judge our competition and hope to provide some images with a bit of “wow” factor for Nigel’s critique.

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You have until the 23rd September to enter the “My Town” competition: CLICK TO ENTER

And if you have a Shutter Nutters account you can rate the entries until 30th September. Nigel will be critiquing the top 10 and choosing a winner! CLICK TO RATE

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