My Town – Photography Competition

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During lockdown we haven’t been able to stray too far from the front door. This competition seeks to celebrate the beauty of where you live. Though we have titled this competition “My Town”, if you live in a city, a village or the middle of nowhere; then you’re welcome to enter too!

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You can enter anything from street photography to city-scapes to wildlife that is found in your part of the world. You can enter a maximum of 3 of your photos into this competition.  

Rating Competition Photos

Please remember to rate other users’ photos that have been entered into the competition. Rating will end 1 week after the competition entry deadline. The top 10 rated photos will be judged by our guest judge and their critiques will be published – The judge will pick the overall winner. Please vote honestly and fairly, voting suspiciously may result in your votes being not counted.

In this competition, we ask users to rate each photo out of 5 stars. The rating system is as follows:

1⭐ – Poor: An OK effort for someone who is starting out but not an image you would shout about.

2⭐ – OK: Has some elements that make this a good photo but nothing special.

3⭐ – Good: Shows skill and could make money from their work.

4⭐ – Pro: Of a definite professional standard that you’d be happy to pay for.

5⭐ – World-class: An image that belongs on the cover of a magazine or international ad campaign.

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