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Wildlife – Photography Competition

In this competition, we are looking for your best wildlife photos! Please note that we will not be accepting photos of pets or photos that are...

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My Town – Photography Competition

During lockdown we haven’t been able to stray too far from the front door. This competition seeks to celebrate the beauty of where you...

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How Well Do You Know These Famous Photographs?

Test your knowledge on some of the world's most iconic photographs. There are 10 questions for you to have a go at. Let us...

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The Vulture and the Little Girl

In March 1993, in Sudan; South African photo-journalist Kevin Carter took one of the most iconic photographs ever taken. It shows the full tragedy...

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Childhood Dreams

June’s open contest saw some beautifully shot entries; but none more popular with the Shutter Nutters members than this photo by Suvajit Mukherjee. Entitled...

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