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Title: Light In The Dark
Author: Andrea Kingsley
Rating:   (2.73/5) - 11x rated

Category: Town
Views: 144
Description: When I started teaching myself photography, I started by taking pictures of things in my backyard. Then I started to travel extensively, and took pictures of buildings, castles, mountains, and even the Northern Lights. With COVID-19 my travel dreams had been cut short while on an actual trip around the Mediterranean. I had been in Italy of all places when the world came screeching to a halt. With that being said, I made it back to port in Barcelona, and caught the last flight out to New York. So came back and joined my family in a New York City suburb. I quarantined for 3 weeks just in case, and I started taking pictures of things in my backyard again. I came right back to the beginning, full circle as they say.

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