How Well Do You Know These Famous Photographs?

Test your knowledge on some of the world’s most iconic photographs. There are 10 questions for you to have a go at. Let us know how you did in the comments!


#1. This is the oldest surviving photograph, who took it?

#2. Kevin Carter is perhaps most famous for this harrowing photograph, in what country was it taken?

#3. Neil Leifer took this famous photograph in 1965, who is Muhammad Ali boxing against?

#4. This photograph of 'the Loch Ness Monster', is often referred to as what?

#5. In what year was this photograph of Buzz Aldrin taken by Neil Armstrong?

#6. Who took this famous photograph?

#7. This portrait of the Queen was used on a Canadian postage stamp, who took the photograph?

#8. This photo from 2015 shows the body of a young boy, a refugee of the war in Syria, in which country was his body found washed up on a beach?

#9. This photo of the Beatles was used as the cover on which of their albums?

#10. Robert Capa took this famous photograph during which war?


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