How Well Do You Know Your Cameras?

Test your knowledge on cameras. There are 15 questions for you to have a go at. Most people can’t get more than 10 of these right! Let us know how you did in the comments…


WELL DONE! You've done well to score so high...


You got less than 10 right but it sure was a tough quiz, don't be disheartened!


#1. Which camera company developed the first fully digital camera in 1988?

#2. "You push the button, we do the rest" was a slogan by which camera manufacturer?

#3. Which camera manufacturer released the first full-frame mirrorless camera (MILC)?

#4. Which of these best describes this camera?

#5. The Leica M10-D was released in 2018, retailing at around £6500; but what feature does it not have?

#6. Which camera company released the first consumer D-SLR?

#7. When did Polaroid release its first instant camera?

#8. When was the first Nikon F mount lens released?

#9. Leica released a limited edition camera in honour of which rock-star come photographer?

#10. In what year did Kodak release the first 120 format roll film?

#11. A mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC) is sometimes known by what other acronym?

#12. The first triple lens smartphone camera was released by which company in 2018?

#13. When was the Canon EOS R released?

#14. Which camera company uses the slogan “Value from Innovation”?

#15. What is this?


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